Copper prices fall to six-year low

Following the Paris attacks, copper rates have actually drastically droppeded to their most affordable in more than 6 years. The autumn has actually also caused by the fortifying of the dollar as well as inadequate need potential customers in leading customer china. Capitalists have stayed clear of risky assets, such as equities and also products and also rather turned to much safer possessions, such as the US buck. BENCHMARK copper on the London Steel Exchange traded at $US4, 685 a tonne in early investing. China’s need for copper is graduallyRead More


Japan-urges-China-go-slow on Financial matters After the Northern summer of market disorders China faces high capital outflows that has hit hundreds of billions of dollars. The Beijing with its large currency reserves is trying to calm down the impact of huge capital moving offshore. The effect of large capital offshoring is that it causes imbalance of payments. More money moving out than coming in hence some deficit to that effect. The problem of this is that since more money are going out than coming into the country, the rate of investmentRead More

A show of defiance as French businesses reopen

Just days after a devastating attack, France is feeling its way back to normalcy. Hours after the incident, the streets of Paris emptied and businesses closed down amid fears of further aggravation. Tourist attraction places such as the Eiffel tower and the Louvre were cordoned off immediately in a bid to avoid an escalation of the attacks that left over 100 people dead. However, these two major areas have reopened, with the rest of Paris expected to follow suit in the coming days. The country has been working behind theRead More

Wall Street: Large rise as energy business sector takes off!

On Monday, the first trading day after the horrific attack in France, energy companies witnessed their shares going up on Wall Street, while investors and analysts talked about terrorist attacks in recent years not causing lasting effects on markets. All in all, energy companies in the S & P 500 recorded the highest profits (2.8%) of all other indices. Business as usual then? Prices of US crude rose 3% to $ 42.08 a barrel on concerns that violence in the Middle East could affect day-to-day business, leading to dislocation ofRead More

Stock Markets Deteriorate Following Paris Attacks

The business field received a heavy blow in Europe especially in the tourism and travel sector following the Paris attack. Most investors remained reluctant in investing on Monday with a notion to the negative impact of the recent attack in Paris. The travel sector experienced high loss where France and British Airways operators IAG went down by 3% band 5% correspondingly. Similarly, the French hotel group recorded a pathetic loss of 5%. The attack indicates a negative impact on the overal performance of the two sectors. The stock market inRead More